What is taxi insurance?

Public transportation in South Africa is a huge business and the majority of the population use taxi services. Taxi insurance is there for all the drivers to have their back when an accident occurs or simply repairs on the taxi have to be done. When you get insurance for your taxi business, you, your passengers and third parties are covered in case you need it.


  • You will have cover in case of accidents
  • You will have protectionin case a passenger gets injured due to your services
  • You will have cover to repair your taxi
  • Sometimes it will cover you for legal expenses as well.

What does it take to be a good taxi driver?

  • Excellent driving skills
  • Road safety awareness at all times
  • Know your area
  • Manage your time correctly for passenger
  • Good communications skills with your passengers


When you work with clients, especially when it comes to their and your safety, having cheap taxi insurance is definitely a step in the right direction. So, get it today by visiting Clearwave on this link now!

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